We are pleased to offer you the following advertising options during the DPG Conferences:

Advertisements in the short programmes of the conferences

The conference short programmes will be once again published in an attractive waistcoat pocket format and is indispensable for conference participants as a constant companion during the conferences. The short programme is included in the conference bags and contains all organisational and technical information for conference participants, the daily overviews, the list of exhibitors as well as information on regional transport connections, campus maps, etc.. Each participant will receive the short programme upon arrival at the conference office! You can place your advertisement on the cover pages U3 and U4 as well as inside. 

Specifications of design for the short programme

Advertising inserts in the conference bags

Furthermore, you have the option of having a company presentation in the form of a pen, promotional flyer or an individual "give-away" from your company placed in the conference bags that are handed out to all conference participants.

Printed advertising page of the conference bag

The advertising side of the conference bag is an ideal advertising medium. Each participant receives a conference bag upon arrival at the conference office!  

Setting up a company advertising display (roll-up)

You will be given the opportunity to position an advertising stand (which you can bring yourself) in a central and frequented location during a coffee break, or a poster session of your choice, or throughout the day, and thus advertise your company in addition to your exhibition stand.

Flyer display during the conference

We will be happy to display your company flyers, which you have printed and delivered, on a table near the conference office/info desk. The conference participants can then help themselves to these as required and find out about your latest products.



Please let us know if you would like further advertising options. We will be happy to discuss your wishes with you and look for possible solutions together.

We will gladly accept your order for all advertising measures!

For more information please contact Felisa Arias or +49 2224 9232 36.