DPG-Kongreß-, Ausstellungs- und Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (DPG-GmbH) was founded in 1977 with the purpose of providing services in the field of administration, advertising, organisation and implementation of congresses and exhibitions.

The largest business segment of the DPG-GmbH is the organization of regularly held industry exhibitions within the framework of the DPG spring and fall conferences. Thus, it offers participating scientists the opportunity for a direct and personal exchange of experience with representatives from industry. For the exhibitors, it offers an ideal opportunity for product presentation as well as for recruiting junior staff or specialists. As the sole shareholder, the non-profit Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (German Physical Society, DPG e.V.) benefits from the economic success of DPG-GmbH. By distributing profits to the DPG e.V., the latter can use the additional funds to fulfill its statutory goals.