Stand Maps

Here you will find the stand maps of the exhibitions in




Information on Freiburg: The industrial exhibition in Freiburg will take place parallel to the DPG Spring Conference of the SAMOP Section in three exhibition tents.
The tents are three tents suitable for exhibitions, which will be connected to each other (see stand plan). The tents will be set up on the "Platz der Alten Synagoge" and are therefore in the immediate vicinity of the conference events and centrally located in the city centre near the pedestrian zone of Freiburg. In addition, almost all scientific poster sessions will take place in the tents.


Info on Berlin: Unfortunately, our original plans to hold the industry exhibition at the SKM Spring Conference in the buildings of the TU Berlin, as in previous years, were not approved by the building authorities of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district office, which came as a complete surprise to us due to a lack of fire protection measures. For this reason, we had to change our plans and resort to tent solutions.

Almost the entire TU Berlin campus will be used for the conference.